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Which Are The Best IDEs For Java Developers?

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Java is the object-oriented programming language that is used for creating robust web applications. It is one of the most popular programming languages that allows web developers to utilize top Java IDEs and advanced frameworks for implementing several desktop, enterprise, and mobile applications. Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans are the most preferred Java IDEs by the programmers.

  1. Eclipse


    Eclipse is one of the most popular Java IDEs that supports various programming languages to develop applications.

    The Eclipse marketplace has numerous plug-ins and to manage the gradual compilation of Java code, Eclipse brings out a custom compiler. Using the Eclipse robust tools, the various processes like charting, modeling, testing in application development becomes faster and more comfortable for Java developers.

    It is programmed in Java but supports other programming languages to develop applications apart from using Java plug-ins. PDE-plug-in development environment in Eclipse for developers to code specific functionalities in particular applications. Eclipse used to create mathematical packages for mathematical software with Latex using the TeXlipse plug-in.

  2. NetBeans


    NetBeans is a top Java IDE for web development. An open-source platform offers various persuasive tools and features to develop multiple applications desktop, mobile, and web. Built-in tools in NetBeans make it easier for a programmer to create an errorless code.

    A custom application can quickly develop using a robust Java IDE platform. The number of extensions NetBeans has for working in other programming languages like C, C++, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. NetBeans can run on different OS Linux, macOS, Solaris, and Windows.

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  3. BlueJ


    A wide range of Java programmers from around the world uses BlueJ, a free IDE for Java coding. Also, micro-scale software development possible using it; the primary thought was to design for academic purposes and developed by the NetBeans community and the University of Kent, UK, and Deakin University, Australia.

    The OOPs programmers have benefited and still get it because BlueJ has a teaching perspective, and the fundamental design was completely different from other IDEs. Therefore, the design interface makes easy use and interactive for trainees.

    A current window on BlueJ appears to be the class structure of the existing development application where objects can be accessed and altered. A visual format quickly helps beginners get the idea of OOPs elements like classes, which are represented diagrammatically on BlueJ. It also presents excellent features like dynamic object creation and visually codes scanning facility.

  4. JDeveloper


    Jdeveloper is one of the best Java IDEs given by Oracle. It provides necessary features to complete a development lifecycle from design to deployment. Apart from Java, it can be used to develop applications for numerous platforms like XML, HTML, PL/SQL, and JavaScript.

    This lightweight Java IDE provides visual development tools that simplify the application development processes and all the tools required to develop an advanced coding environment.

    It can integrate with the Oracle application development framework, which is an end-to-end Java EE-based framework. It assures that application development procedure becomes more natural and ADF works as a cross-platform solution which allows developers to use the same services for all the application.

  5. IntelliJ IDEA

    IntelliJ IDEA

    IntelliJ IDEA is the most preferred Java IDE by programmers and It maximizes the developer’s productivity.

    Amazing features of this Java IDE fascinate the developers to increase their work strength. Both the version (open-source community and Paid ultimate edition) of the IntelliJ IDEA supports various languages like Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala. How can productivity boost using this IDE? It predicts developers need and automates the tedious development jobs.

    The unit testing, code inspection, code completion, debugging, and code refactoring are built-in developer tools in IDEA, making programming most effortless. It is a framework-specific IDE that assists SQL, JPQL, HTML, and JavaScript. Considering all the features of the IntelliJ IDEA affirmed as the best Java IDE in 2020.

  6. jGRASP


    jGRASP is a lightweight Java IDE. It was written in Java and run on all the platforms using Java Virtual Machine. A unique feature of this IDE creates a complicated profile graph and UML diagrams for an application. It provides an integrated debugger and a workbench with various tools for Java developers.

    Although it is lightweight, it produces data structure and static visualization of application source code at run time. It creates control structure diagrams for various programming languages like C, C++, Python, and Objective-C. It can be used in multiple OS like, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

  7. Greenfoot


    Greenfoot is solely differing Java IDE released in 2003, which purely developed for educational intentions. It has sustained support from the Oracle. It is an interactive environment designed to display OOPs features, for instance, class/object relationship, methods, parameters, and object interactions.

    2D game development is possible using this IDE, including design and produce interactive games and simulations. The Java Learners have an opportunity to groom his development skills using Greenfoot. Free Java software enhances the interest of learning by offering easy access to animated graphics and sound. Multiple platforms like Solaris, macOS, Linux, Windows support running Greenfoot software.

  8. DrJava


    DrJava is specifically designed and developed for the beginner and students. Thus it is not as powerful as other Java IDEs. It has a clean interface. So DrJava interactively evaluates Java code from the console and depicts the output on the same console. It also offers a Junit test tool.

    Thus it is developed using the Swing toolkit and has substantial effects for a consistent impression on the different OS. Java experts can integrate into Eclipse via a plug-in. It has one unique feature to assist developers that go to line find and replace it. DrJava can use on multiple OS Linux, macOS, and Windows.

  9. JCreator


    Again a lightweight Java IDE, JCreator but, with fewer facilities compared to other Java IDEs. The interface of JCreator is like Microsoft Visual studio interface. It has a trio version known as lite edition, Pro-edition, and Life-pro edition. The two most attractive features preferred by Java beginners because of its compact size and higher speed.

    JCreator has developed in C++ and does not require JRE for executing Java code. Java developers get various features from the paid version of JCreator such as ant support, project management, code wizards, and debugger.

  10. JSource


    JSource is another free IDE for Java developers. It has undividedly written in Java using Swing components. This IDE has advanced feature support that is supporting cross-platform application development for various domains.

    JSource is lightweight, and developers can use it to run, compile, edit, and create java files. Java Swing components and highlighting syntax for the various OS are the core benefit features of this IDE. jEdit syntax packages can use and incorporated with open-source Java tools for rapid development.


Which are the top java development tools? This is the most debated topic for the developers and we have come up with the answer. We have reviewed the top 10 Java IDEs and there are plenty of options for Java developers, but need to choose a particular Java IDE based on the requirements and scope of the project.

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