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Benefits of Employee Attendance Tracking App

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The employee attendance tracking app is evolving as a significant aspect of every organization. Employers find it essential to know when their employees are entering and getting off the work. The traditional pattern of maintaining a register to sign and recording in-coming as well as out-going time was replaced with punch cards and biometrics to keep track of the employees.

However, with the further advancement in technology these tools have been replaced now by attendance tracking apps which have entered and maturing quickly in the market.

Benefits of Employee Attendance Management app

The advantages of using an Employee management app are enormous to both employees as well as the employers. There are a lot of essential and significant reasons to have an employee attendance app, and we will be discussing this in detail.

  1. Eliminating Manual Tracking

    Manual tracking is something that requires a lot of time, and companies have to hire a dedicated person to manually maintain and evaluate the leaves at the end of the month. There is an utmost possibility of human errors, and a report with errors might get submitted. With a tracking app, the hassle of maintaining manual records will be eliminated, and employees will get organized with regular attendance.

  2. Transparency

    Transparency is the key to any organization, and in terms of attendance, utmost clarity is expected from the employees. An ideal attendance tracking software will ensure clarity and that there are no discrepancies.

  3. No Errors

    There is a possibility of human errors in manual attendance, but there is no scope of manipulating or error in the attendance tracking app. Whatever is captured will stay in the system for a longer time, and everyone will be able to view the attendance sheet and will not be able to make any unnecessary changes.

  4. Mobile Access

    Getting to track attendance over the mobile phone is an excellent benefit to the employees, as they can clock their working hour’s right from their mobile phone. Companies might restrict mobile tracking, but with proper policies in place the top management can make the service precisely accessible.

  5. No Proxy Attendance

    Companies have encountered scenarios where proxy attendance has been filled in which creates many issues. The implementation of time tracking software makes it impossible to fill in proxy attendance.

    How Can Attendance Management App Assist Schools and Universities?
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How can Employee Attendance Software be Beneficial?

  1. Allow Remote Work

    Employers often get requests from their staff to permit them to work from home; however, many companies do not entertain these requests. The reason being companies are worried that employees are not efficient enough working from home as they are in the office. However, with an attendance tracking software allowing remote logging makes it easy for employers to permit their staff to work from home, at the same time, there is no scope of employee’s honesty being questioned-out.

  2. Remote Monitoring

    Flexible working hours have become a deal-breaker and remote working a new norm. Companies are now working with their staff from all over the place. An efficient time & attendance application allows remote workers to easily punch-in their attendance from any corner of the world, and supervisors can keep track of their team members’ attendance and location. This feature fosters fair compensation, and businesses get to supervise their staff in real-time.

  3. Fair Payment

    An ideal attendance tracking software ensures the employees are fairly paid when they take unpaid time off. It allows employees to track their vacation duration and how many days are remaining. It simplifies the tedious task of creating reports. The right reports extracted from the system make sure the HR department does not underpaid and overpaid any of the employees.

  4. Accountability

    The tracking software makes the employee accountable for his or her time off requests. Managers can keep track of when the team member is on vacation or away from the office and eliminates the need to chase the employee. Hence this saves a lot of unproductive time for all the team members involved. This scenario increases the employees’ sense of accountability as he is responsible for updating the system regularly with automated features and functionalities.

  5. Eliminate Micromanagement

    An attendance tracking software allows busy managers and senior staff to concentrate on many more productive things than getting involved person to person for granting leaves. Approval authorities can remotely accept and deny leave requests on the go.

  6. Accessible Communication with Remote Workmates/ Team

    With a team working remotely from various parts of the world, there is rarely any face to face interaction. The employee attendance tracking system gives you a report of which workmate has logged in during working hours and who has not. This scenario will allow you to generate a time-sheet at the end of the month. Employees can communicate about their planned & unplanned leaves, absences, or days off right through the software and the reporting manager gets an instant update to take further action.

  7. Improves Overall Employee Attendance

    When employees know their attendance is being tracked regularly, it actually improves the overall on-time attendance in the office. This scenario justifies the companies working hours and the employee’s compensation.

  8. Say no to Paper

    Deploying an attendance tracking software is an excellent move towards an eco-friendly alternative of maintaining registers and other traditional methods of attendance. The employee attendance tracking software helps you get rid of the papers from your office.

  9. Identify Potential Attendance Issue

    Attendance tracking software aids managers in employee management. Managers can closely look at the staff’s punctuality and take necessary disciplinary actions based on the situation. Based on the observation, managers can come up with arrival, signing-off, and break policies for everyone to streamline and discipline the office etiquette.

  10. Real-time Productivity Analysis

    As we know, the productivity of an employee is directly proportional to employee attendance. If an employee can accomplish a particular task in a given timeline, the employer can quickly gauge the staff’s productivity. This scenario gives employers a realistic view of productivity, which helps employers to strategize future hiring. This scenario also aids in identifying the efficiency of the employees. So that companies can foresee their target being achieved without any roadblock.

  11. Efficient Leave Management

    An attendance tracking application makes the leave management task for HR’s a lot easier. Managing employee attendance and timekeeping are the most time-consuming tasks for an HR team, as it leaves no time for them to work on other essential tasks. Employees can directly sign-in into the system and check their remaining leaves without the need for following up with the HR executives to know more about their leave balance. It also facilitates the management of other related matters such as salary calculation, bonus calculation, overtime, and much more.

Technostacks has Successfully Delivered Employee Tracking App

We have developed Employee Time Clock App for employee time monitoring and tracking for our client companies. The application enables the staff members to swiftly take a picture at the time of Clock-in, along with facilitating the exact location to validate the employee’s present position. The employee can clock-out while leaving the company office with the picture and the employee location to authenticate the premise.

With this project, the client is offering his employees the best user experiences, flawless access to company admin and the staff, supple services to diverse stakeholders along with other effortless to use functionalities.

Technostacks delivered this application meticulously and is presently involved in the project scalability, stability advancements, and minor bug fixes.

Key Takeaways

Given all these above benefits, we hope you have realized the importance of deploying a comprehensive attendance tracking system to address all attendance related tasks. A step further, the employee attendance management software makes processes hassle-free and provides seamless integration with the organization’s structure.

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