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Reasons Your Retail Store Requires A Mobile App

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Today’s growing advancement of the retail industry has led mobile applications to become the holy grail of online shopping. Persuading customers to download and integrate mobile applications is not a thing of the future anymore; instead it is of the present scenario.

As per research, the users tend to visit the retailers more frequently through digital platforms and are typically more loyal. So if you are wondering what are the key reasons for having a retail app, welcome onboard as this blog post explains the same with detailed insights! You can also take the benefits of retail mobile apps for your business.

As per a new report published by Sensor Tower, a popular app marketing intelligence firm, the total number of iOS shopping app downloads has increased around 17 percent during events like Black Friday.

Additionally, as per another report published by SimilarWeb, a popular digital analytics firm has found 24 major U.S retailers witnessing a 45 percent hike in active app usage. A considerable part of the boost is the increased usage of mobile applications among retailers due to the ease and convenience it offers to the diverse set of users.

Some of the research statistics for you to understand why is a mobile app useful for retail business:

  • As per a study done by a financial services firm Synchrony, shoppers today are not only downloading but also using shopping applications, and a lot more than ever before.
  • Shoppers, moreover, seem to be loving the apps and using a total of four applications together on an average.
  • The applications facilitate an easy and hassle-free checkout process with integrated mobile payment options that help customers develop an improved intimate connection. This scenario allows users to build greater loyalty.

What are retail apps?

A retail app is a software that enables buyers and sellers to make transactions online. While sellers sell their products, buyers buy them through a secured payment gateway or other payment methods.

Are you a retailer and do you often find yourself thinking about improving the retail business and gaining more customers? If yes, then the article is rightly catered to you. It shares valuable insights about the growing popularity of mobile app development for retail industry and why should retailers consider creating mobile apps:

Reasons your retail store needs a mobile app

Providing customers with a completely new shopping experience and placing the mobile app in the pocket of their target audiences can help retail brands increase the revenue, and in no time. Over the last decade, retail companies have been making an enormous shift and going online by launching Android and iOS platforms.

This scenario is because of the increased usage of devices such as smartphones and tablets worldwide. Research shows that 90 percent of time individuals spend on mobile devices than 10 percent of time spent on browsers. Hence, if you wondered why retail businesses need apps, well, you just got one major reason to tout for.

  1. Apps are equipped to do what websites cannotOne of the most indisputable facts lies in the fact that native apps offer the most reliable and fastest user experience. As compared to the web applications, mobile applications deem to be a lot more responsible with a reduced connectivity error.The mobile apps offer retailers an ideal way to relate to the customers and offer a more customized shopping experience. As a vast subset of customers tends to interact with the phone as the first thing in the morning, placing the front logo creates a powerful impact.Additionally, a native application furthermore enables you to send varied promotional push messages along with rich messages directly to the inbox. Push messages are an instrumental marketing channel for brands. These reach out to the customers at any point in time and are rather a timely and direct affair.A retail store can combine the communication tool with location-based technology, and this will help you to reach out to the customers at the right time while enhancing an improved customer journey. Applications can also incorporate smartphone features such as Bluetooth, GPA, camera, address book to better scan products and cards.
  2. Applications catering to the cross-channel customersDue to the overwhelming popularity of tablets and smartphones, more and more customers now wish to shop with the help of multiple channels. With mobile devices being at the customer’s side day in and night, it is a matter of merging in-store and digital efforts into a more seamless retail experience engaging shoppers at home, in-store, and while on the move.With the divisions between offline and online getting blurred, more and more retailers adopt the ‘cross channel’ approach. As customers tend to spend a lot more through varied well-connected channels, retailers have embraced the passing time approach.Moreover, consumers adopt several new technologies and more convenient payment and shopping platforms; hence retailers need to adapt to remain a lot relevant. The application needs to be an eminent part of the cross-channel retail presence, instead of being an optional add on, and hence leading to being a part of a broader marketing strategy.
  3. Apps propagate ease of use and improved user experienceEven when you have a responsive website, each time a user logs in, the browser prompts the user to sign in and continue shopping. This scenario is when the user details are stored, and users need to register only once while downloading the application.As the users do not require or need to sign in each time, the ease of use increases, and it ultimately offers greater customer satisfaction. Mobile applications further allow users to switch between tabs and hence make navigation easier easily. This scenario improves user experience and thus emerges as one of the best reasons to invest in a retail store app.
  4. Seamless checkout and hassle-free payment optionsOne of the most significant problems and issues faced by retail businesses is the abandonment of shopping carts. Irrespective of an eCommerce or in-store platform, customers are likely to give up shopping when the checkout process seems tedious. This scenario is where a mobile application’s actual use steps in as one of the significant reasons retailers needs a mobile app. These help to eliminate friction from the checkout process and make everything a lot more interactive.The wallets’ widespread popularity exists because they allow faster processing of transactions with improved facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and more. This scenario enables an easy and hassle-free checkout and payment process while allowing a faster authentication. Besides, who doesn’t want a time saving and secured checkout process with speedier delivery of their favorite item!

Key Takeaways

Thus, mobile apps are an essential part of a retail business, without which businesses will fail to form a much-required bond with customers. A mobile app helps to gain customer loyalty and for a lifetime by offering a more personalized shopping experience.

Hence, it is the best investment you can make for your current and future business initiatives that promises a long-lasting relationship with your valuable customers. If you do not have a precise mobile application yet, it is time to give your business the much-needed boost and retain useful customers to stand out amongst your competitors.

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