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List Of Best Python Frameworks For Web Development

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When it’s a matter to develop a web application then Python will be the first choice in every developer’s mind. There are a number of top Python frameworks available that can make your web development task quite easy.

Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages that you find out there in the market. It is one of the best options if you are someone who wants to do web development. There is a valid reason why most of the programmers show interest in Python, and it is the simplicity of this programming language offered.

Python language has a huge community and it updates major versions till yet. The latest Python 3.9 features you can see here.

Although it is simple, it has been proven effective too. The data structure in Python is of high level, and when it is coupled with dynamic semantics as well as easy to understand syntax, it becomes a go-to option for the organizations.

This case is the reason why it has evolved as an ideal language for quick data analysis, web development, and scripting. The simplicity of this language requires a special mention here. Because of this simplicity, it has become pretty easy to reuse the code and modular programming. This scenario will help with cost-cutting.

The code readability, as well as proper use of whitespace, has made Python one of the most favored programming languages for the professionals. However, there is a catch here. Python does not have any accompanying built-in features, and it has become mandatory for the programmers to use frameworks.

These packages and modules will help them in writing website applications without any need for process management.

Top 10 Trending Python Web Frameworks In 2022

There are different types of Python web development frameworks, and in this article, you are going to see the top Python frameworks for 2022.

  1. Django


    This is a full-stack development framework which is free and open source. The best thing about this particular framework is that it is pretty fast. The developers get a chance to work on the complex codes and applications rapidly as well as flexibly. This Django framework makes use of pragmatic designs to streamline the entire web application development process and make it even more useful. There is no doubt that Django is one of the best Python web frameworks in the present time.

    Django has so many amazing features in it that helped it stand out when compared to the other Python frameworks present in the market. Some of its features are content administration, authentication mechanism, URL routing, template engine, and database schema migration. Above all, it also supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc. The support for these programs has resulted in its implementation in high traffic sites and various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Times, Bitbucket, Mozilla, and Disqus. In short, Django has evolved as one of the most reliable and sought out programming frameworks as it enables incredible effectiveness, hassle-free development, less coding, and reusability of fewer components.

    The security of Django is something that needs a special mention. It offers excellent protection and ensures that the programmers steer clear of any kind of common mistakes like cross-site scripting, clickjacking, SQL injection, and forgery.

    Some of the highlights of Django are:

    • Rich in features
    • High Speed
    • Secured
    • Versatility and
    • Scalability
  2. Bottle

    Bottle framework

    This is a micro framework and is known for its minimalistic features. The primary use of this framework is to build web APIs. It is pretty small in size; however, its size does not have any impact on its performance. It is indeed one of the topmost platforms that people prefer.

    The Bottle allows every web application to get executed in only one source file without depending upon any other sources. There is an exception for Python Standard Library. This framework is simple and pretty fast at the same time. It comes with the adapter support for third party template engines and WSGI/HTTP. In short, Bottle is a minimalistic and simple framework that can be used to build apps for personal use.

    It is ideal and helps in figuring out the organization of web frameworks, prototyping, and is perfect for building various types of RESTful services. The best thing about this kind of Python framework is that it helps the developers to work closely with the hardware, and this is the reason why Netflix has been using it for its web interface.

    Here are some of the highlights of Bottle:

    • Minimalism
    • Lightweight
    • Access to cookies, form data, HTTP metadata, and file upload.
    • It helps with requesting the dispatching routes with URL parameter support.
    • Supports database plugins.
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  3. Pyramid

    Pyramid framework

    The Pyramid is a renowned full-stack development framework and has been one of the go-to options for developers for a long time now. The framework has pretty high standards and is capable of making the decisions that programmers usually do. However, it is essential to provide a proper viewpoint to the framework so that it can function and make decisions accordingly.

    If you are looking for the best Python frameworks to learn, then make sure to consider this framework because of the plethora of benefits it offers. The framework will keep making decisions until the web application grows. Once it achieves growth, it stops making decisions. The main aim of this framework is to develop the best web applications with less complexity and minimal resources.

    The framework is perfect for various kinds of applications, but it is ideal for creating CMS. Apart from CMS, it is an ideal choice for handling API projects and prototyping.

    The best thing about the Pyramid is that it is pretty lightweight and has the capability of handling different kinds of projects with utmost transparency and simplicity. Another important thing about this framework is that it is perfect for authenticity and authorization. The security arrangements are highly reliable and will simplify the process of assessment and setting up the application.

    You can use other third-party resources to make the most out of the Pyramid.

    Highlights of the Pyramid are

    • Function decorators
    • Single file apps
    • Traversal framework for URL to code mapping
    • Predicates and renderers
  4. TurboGears

    TurboGears framework

    TurboGears is an open-source and data-driven full-stack framework that is built exclusively from the best breed elements that are available in the market. This scenario is the reason why it is one of the royal and goes to options for many organizations. The developers can come up with apps that are critical and are detailed correctly.

    This TurboGears can help in creating protractile web apps that rely on various database connectivity elements like Genshi, SQLAlchemy, Repoze, and WebOb.

    This Python web framework makes use of MVC style structure. Some of the highlights of TurboGears are:

    • Cross-platform OS
    • Multiple database support
    • Function decorator
    • Pylon support
  5. Web2Py

    Web2Py framework

    Web2Py is a full-stack Python framework that has attracted developers from around the world. This is a scalable framework and has personally modeled IDE on the web. The best thing about Web2Py is that it is a cross-platform app with maintenance ability. It has an amazing ticketing system which will help in detecting any system errors.

    Web2Py supports Windows, Unix/Linux, Amazon EC2, Mac, Google App Engine, and many other platforms. It adapted the MVC style structure and has in-built components that will help in managing the cookies, reactions, HTTP requests, and sessions. The Web2Py has helped developers to build customized web applications and create dynamic web content pretty quickly. The framework is shaped and designed to streamline the development of the application, ensuring that everything is happening perfectly. This framework has a Python interpreter too.

    This framework offers security from various kinds of threats like injection faults, cross-site scripting, and malicious file execution.

    Some of the highlights of Web2Py are:

    • Backward compliance
    • Multiple readable protocols
    • Security from various vulnerabilities
    • Support of the web app portability
    • Modifiable efficiency
  6. Grok

    Grok framework

    Grok is a full-stack development framework that is built on the Zope toolkit. It is an open-source framework and is exclusively built to speed up the web app development process. The developers have to use agile development in order to get the work done with the help of Grok.

    Grok will help a developer to access a comprehensive network along with the help of independent network libraries. They can choose the one according to the requirements of their task. This framework comes with a UI that is similar to TurboGears and Pylons. It has a component architecture that will help the developers in the reduction of the unpredictability of the app development.

    Some of the highlights of Grok are:

    • Support for Web custom app development
    • Enhanced web app development
    • Upsurging the core technology
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  7. Flask

    Flask framework

    Flask is a micro framework for Python, and it is available under the BSD license. The main inspiration behind Flask is the Sinatra Ruby framework. It depends on the Jinja2 and Werkzeug WSGI toolkit template. The main idea behind this Flask is to build a robust web application foundation. From there, you will have an option to use any extensions that you need.

    Flask can be chosen for almost all the projects. Some of its highlights are:

    • Integrated support
    • Unicode based
    • Ability to plug in the ORM
  8. CherryPy

    CherryPy framework

    CherryPy is another minimalistic micro framework that is lightweight and efficient. The web development in Python is made easy and similar to an object-oriented program. The main reason for the creation of CherryPy is to make it extensible. It has mechanisms for the hook points as well as extensions.

    The CherryPy powered is a standalone web application and is capable of embedding its own multithreaded server. The apps from Cherry run on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    Some of the highlights of CherryPy are:

    • Powerful configuration system
    • Built-in support for the profiling, testing, and coverage
    • Flexible plugin system
    • Is pretty simple and can run multiple HTTP servers at once
  9. Hug

    Hug framework

    The hug is a Python 3 API development framework which allows the software engineers to develop a particular API once and then uses it whenever needed. This Hug framework can simplify the API development using different kinds of interfaces. This is the main reason why this framework is one of the fastest and efficient options in Python 3.

    Highlights of Hug are:

    • Automatic documentation support
    • Cython compliance
    • Can be used in Python library
    • Built-in version management
  10. Falcon

    Falcon framework

    Falcon is a micro framework that is aimed at building the APIs pretty quickly. It has been one of the known and widely used Python frameworks, and it doesn’t require the loading of the dependencies in large quantities to create the HTTP APIs. Falcon helps in cleaner design of the APIs supporting HTTP and REST architecture.

    Highlights of Falcon are:

    • PyPy Support
    • Full Unicode support
    • Cython support
    • URI templates


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