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CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Make a Wise Choice

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We have seen most of the debated topics in recent years and the one of that is CodeIgniter vs Laravel. It has become essential to use a PHP MVC framework for developing custom solutions with PHP programming language.

There are various types of PHP MVC frameworks available on the web & among those plethoras of options, the two famous PHP frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Here we want to show the PHP frameworks popularity chart by SitePoint. Laravel is a clear winner!

Click on the image to explore a large view.

php frameworks popularity sitepoint

Source:- SitePoint

Also, check here the Google trends comparison of Laravel and CodeIgniter.

trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”laravel”,”geo”:””,”time”:”today 5-y”},{“keyword”:”codeigniter”,”geo”:””,”time”:”today 5-y”}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {“exploreQuery”:”date=today%205-y&q=laravel,codeigniter”,”guestPath”:”https://trends.google.com:443/trends/embed/”});

Again Laravel is ahead than CodeIgniter in the race!

Key differences of Laravel and CodeIgniter

Codeigniter precisely is an object-oriented and event-driven functional, while on the other end, Laravel is component-oriented. Coming to other differences, Laravel has its own inbuilt Unit testing tool; however, Codeigniter doesn’t have the same. Codeigniter is simple to use, whereas Laravel provides many added features and functionality that are complex to use for less experienced development professionals. Also, Codeigniter offers adequate support and instant answers provided by an extremely energetic and helpful CodeIgniter community.

Before digging into this Codeigniter vs Laravel 2022 article, you need to see comparison parameters of both frameworks.

Comparison Parameters of Laravel and CodeIgniter

Parameter Laravel CodeIgniter
Structure and Updates Laravel follows MVC Structure for filing. It is equipped with a command line tool named Artisan. The structure adapted by CodeIgniter is MVC and it provides easier on boarding. The structure is based on the object-oriented programming. It provides the flexibility for developers to use it as per their requirements.
Current Trends and Popularity Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks present out there right now. The expressive coding style is loved by the seasoned developers CodeIgniter is also very popular among the developer and with its ease of using the 2.x, most web developers are leaning over to this framework.
Support for the RESTful API The RESTful controllers can empower the developers to manufacture an assortment of the REST APIs without any need of spending extra time. The CodeIgniter does not facilitate the streamlined development of the REST APIs.
Template Engine and API Building The template engine of Laravel is simple yet robust like Blade. The Blade template engine provides its programmers with an option to optimize the web application performance by manipulating and enhancing views. CodeIgniter does not have any built-in template engine. The developers should integrate a framework with other template engines like smarty. This will help in conducting common tasks and improves the performance of websites.
In Built Modules The best thing about Laravel is its in-built modularity features. The developers can divide any big project into smaller modules and work on them separately. CodeIgniter does not have any in-built modularity features. The developers need to create these modules and maintain them with the help of the modular extension.
Template Language Blade Template Engine PHP proprietary
Support of other DBMS ORACLE, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL orientdb, Microsoft SQL Server, JDBC and MYSQL, compatible MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Microsoft BI.
But CodeIgniter also supports some of the other popular databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and others.
Data Base Model Relational Object Oriented Object Oriented
Programming Paradigm Component Oriented Object-Oriented Event Driven Functional
Libraries and Online Help Laravel’s official documentation feature is highly helpful. The process is elaborate, and it is easy to understand it too. CodeIgniter has a wide range of built-in functionalities. They also provide a useful guide on the website for the novice developers.
Authentication Laravel has authentication class feature which helps in the implementation of authentication and authorization rules. CodeIgniter does not have any built-in authentication features. The developers need to authorize and authenticate users with the custom CodeIgniter extensions.

What is Laravel?


Laravel is extensively used open source PHP framework. The platform was designed with an intention of development of the web applications by using the MVC architectural pattern.

Laravel is released under MIT license and hence its source code is hosted on GitHub. Most of the developers consider Laravel as a reliable framework because of its accurate and expressive language rules.

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Features Of Laravel

Laravel is power packed with some of the best features which made it very popular. These awesome features help it to stand out from the other frameworks present out there.

  • Modular Packaging
  • Offers Better IO
  • Unmatched quality session control
  • Easy integration with the third-party libraries
  • Dependency manager fully composer based
  • Built-in caching mechanism
  • Easy to use blade templating engine
  • Inbuilt authentication mechanism
  • Query builder acts as potential ORM alternative

Why Use Laravel?

Well, this question would have popped up in so many developer’s minds already. It is important to know why you should use Laravel before making up your mind to select it.

Laravel provides a version control system that assists with easier handling of migrations. It comes with modular packaging along with a composer based dependency manager. It offers innovative features such as a blade templating engine. Further, it provides support for Eloquent ORM, the modernized ActiveRecord implementation, for precisely working on DB. It backs DBMS platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, as well as SQLServer.

It helps and supports artisan command along with enabling sample codes line interface. It offers excellent and practical documentation. Laravel allows you to put into effect constraints amid numerous DBM objects by utilizing a modernized query builder mechanism. The framework possesses an auto-loading functionality, so you can avoid having manual maintenance as well as inclusion paths. The framework also assists you in generating innovative tools with the assistance of a LOC container.

  • Modular packaging with the composer-based dependency manager
  • The framework has the auto-loading feature which loads itself automatically and there is no need for human intervention with because of this feature.
  • Laravel offers the version control system that helps with the simplified management of migrations.
  • Supports the DBMS platforms such as Postgre SQL, SQL Server, and My SQL.
  • The framework can generate various new tools with the help of a LOC container.
  • It has a great documentation feature
  • Laravel allows you to enforce the constraints between various DBM objects in an advanced query builder mechanism.
  • It supports the Artisan command along with the sample codes line interface.
  • It also supports the Eloquent ORM, an advanced ActiveRecord Implementation for working on DB.
  • There is a number of an enterprises in the market who have used Laravel for their web applications such as workshop software.

What is CodeIgniter?


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. It has been designed for developers who like the simple and elegant toolkit for creating full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is one of the best framework present in the market for creating dynamic websites using PHP.

Codeigniter enables stakeholders with clear and structured documentation. It offers superior stability and supports. It facilitates a simple routing method. Further, it assists you to the cached website for enhanced performance and loading times.

It provides complete freedom for the users so that they don’t need to depend upon the MVC development pattern. The best thing about CodeIgniter is that it allows the third-party plugins which help in implementing complicated functionalities. Another commendable feature of CodeIgniter is great security and encryption procedures.

Features of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter has acquired a lot of prominence among the developers and it has created a separate mark already. The main reason for getting this much fame is the best features offered by CodeIgniter.

  • Error Logging
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • It supports the class extensions and hooks
  • File uploading class
  • It validates the forms and data
  • Simple and easy to use MVC framework for developers
  • Library with image manipulation programs
  • It offers the session management
  • Built-in class support to send emails
  • It offers the calendar class, unit testing class, and template engines
  • Data is encrypted
  • XSS filtering and higher security levels
  • The framework is extremely light weighted
  • Supports for data encryption and paging

Why Use CodeIgniter?

This is another important question which needs to be addressed immediately. Without knowing the reason for using CodeIgniter, one cannot prefer it. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use CodeIgniter.

  • The entire framework is clear and well structured. Documentation on this framework is extremely easy.
  • The routing method is simple
  • Offers better stability and support
  • The community support of CodeIgniter needs special mention. They provide great support and the knowledgeable community has solutions for almost all types of framework issues.
  • It allows caching of the website for enhanced performance and easier loading times.

Pros and Cons of Laravel

Laravel Pros

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fast application building
  • Easily available documents
  • Faster execution of web applications
  • Fulfill almost all the requirements of modern web applications such as security, robust performance, etc
  • Bundled modularity will make the reuse of code easy
  • The CLI comprised advanced tools are used to carry out important tasks and migrations
  • The blade template feature will speed up the engine
  • The reverse routing facility is an added advantage.

Laravel Cons

  • The platform is entirely new, and it isn’t tried and tested effectively yet.
  • There are some minor bugs and it is important for the Laravel team to resolve them completely.
  • The transformation of Legacy systems isn’t easy with Laravel.
  • The platform is quite slow, and it will take some time for the developers to get adapted with it.
  • When compared to other platforms, community support isn’t so good. CodeIgniter is far better than Laravel in this aspect
  • Amateur developers will face some challenges with this platform

Pros and Cons of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Pros

  • There is no need for developers to run pages of code with CodeIgniter. The program only important things and there are so many other resources present which will speed up the process
  • The architecture is simple and novice developers can also use it without much of a hassle.
  • It is an MVC framework and hence the separation of code and its presentation can be done easily.
  • The input class provides server-side validation easily, and the scrubbing of user input is also handled with ease.
  • It is very easy to create readable SQL statements using active record.

CodeIgniter Cons

  • Lack of composer integration.
  • The active record is commendable but there are certain situations when it is not suited perfectly, and the coding needs to be done again.
  • Lack of authentication method against the active directory.
  • The code isn’t compatible with latest versions of the PHP
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Here are some FAQs on what is the difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP framework.

Which is a better CodeIgniter or laravel?

As per the Google Trends report related to Laravel and Codeigniter evolutions in the preceding year, Laravel is a better framework compared to CodeIgniter. This is mainly because of the coding pattern, which is the most liked with its graceful look. Along with this, Laravel also backs robust application development in less time.

Is CodeIgniter Dead 2022?

Many forums were littered with “Is CodeIgniter dead?” and even there were numerous spam posts. In the end, the decision to stop the progress of development was made by EllisLab, the company that developed CodeIgniter.

What is the major difference between laravel and CodeIgniter?

When we talk about the comparison of Codeigniter vs. laravel, the major difference is that Codeigniter is Object-oriented, and Laravel is relational Object-Oriented. Codeigniter doesn’t have built-in authentication features, and Laravel has in-built authentication class features.

Which PHP framework is the fastest: CodeIgniter or laravel?

The applications built in the CodeIgniter framework work faster, and it enables the developers to create small and middle-scale PHP apps in quick time with minimum setup.

Which PHP framework is best for beginners: CodeIgniter or laravel?

The intricacy level for learning Laravel is higher, and so beginners find CodeIgniter best to explore and get initiated with the same.

Which is easy to learn: Codeigniter or laravel?

The learning curve of CodeIgniter is lower and more straightforward when compared to that of Laravel. Laravel is one step ahead with advanced features and tools, which makes learning more challenging and takes more time.

Laravel vs. CodeIgniter: Which is more significant?

We can clearly say that both of these PHP frameworks have their significance and advantages. However, it entirely relies on your project and technology requirements and which one you should have a preference to move forward. Regardless of that, we can say that Laravel has a better edge when compared to CodeIgniter with its more elegant and modernized features.

Moving Forward: CodeIgniter vs Laravel

Both frameworks got immense praise in the year 2021 and it is expected more in 2022. Each of them is unique and has both pros and cons of their own. Choosing either of them entirely depends on the type of project and client requirements.

This blog post has demonstrated insights about each of Laravel and CodeIgniter in a clear and elaborate manner so that the customers, as well as the technology stakeholders, can move forward making their choices wisely.

However, if you are still not sure amid Laravel vs. CodeIgniter, please get in touch with us at Technostacks, and we can have a chat on your existing or future projects. Our business analysts and technology experts are highly capable of lending a hand to you in making the best choice based on your business challenges, technology needs, and operational requirements, as well as enable you with the best professionals from our highly talented teams.


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