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Node.js vs Python: Which One is Best for Your Project?

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Node.js vs Python before going into the topic, it is better to know what Node.js and Python mean. Of course, in general words, it can also be called a programming language, but people call Python as a language python and Node.js as Node.

These most popular programming languages will help applications to maintain their network connection and perform well. The main difference between Node.js and Python is that Node is best for memory-intensive activities, and Python language is not suitable for memory-intensive activities.

Node.js is a precise runtime environment that can maintain the connection between the server and browser side so people can enjoy uninterrupted services. It can be used for traditional websites, API’ Services, and much more. Every browser has its Node.js to function, which makes the browsers perform well.

In this article, we have particularly discussed some critical differences between Python and Node.js because this topic is the most compared backend technologies on the web.

What is Python?

It is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for high-level programming also. The object-oriented approach of Python aims to help developers with simple coding techniques which can be used for both large and small-scale projects in real-time. Python supports structured programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming.

The wide range of benefits in pythons has made people choose them for development and programming purposes in a simple way. Python was first released in 1991, and it is called python0.9.0. Secondly, the developers decided to release Python in 2000, which had many more extra features.

This feature includes a garbage collection system and list comprehensions. The garbage collection system works by using the basic technology named referencing counting. Unfortunately, python 2.0 was discontinued after releasing its last version, called 2.7.18, in 2019. Python also released its other version in 2008 with a significant change in language that is not backward- compatible.

Python is an interpreted language that is said to be slower than compiled languages. Applications that require high execution speed can never use Python because it is comparatively slow. The single flow of code makes it slow, and hence the applications developed using Python are slow.

What is Node.JS?

In simple words, Node.js is a JavaScript that runs on an engine named V8. Usually, it exhibits the JavaScript outside the web browser. In general, developers use JavaScript for writing command line tools for scripting on server sides. The name is not a specific name of a file or a product separately but the product of a JavaScript that has a separate name to fulfill the different needs.

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Mainly Node.js is a platform that is built explicitly for chrome OS and JavaScript engines. Node.js was first launched in 2009. The V8 engine is a powerful JavaScript engine that Google provides; it converts the JavaScript engine into the machine language to make the processor understand the language. The responsive speed of Node.js is perfect, and people can use it for loading large files. The flow of codes in the V8 engine is multiple, and hence the speed of applications loaded using Node.js will be high. Comparison between Python Vs. Node.js has been given below.

Node.js vs Python

In general, both programming languages are equal. One may have high speed while another may have increased security, so it is better to know the detailed comparison between Python Vs. Node.js before deciding.

We have listed some essential criteria to choose the best programming language so people can read this article entirely and know the basics of both programming languages.

By comparing Node.js vs Python, you can get to know which programming language suits your needs in the year 2022.

Basic criteria for choosing the best programming language:

  • Speed
  • Architecture
  • Syntax
  • Scalability.
  • Extensibility
  • Libraries

These criteria are best to choose the correct programming language, and hence people can get to know the basic details of programming by reading the requirements.

  1. SpeedThe speed of Node.js is comparatively higher when compared to Python. This is because Python has a single code flow, whereas Node.js transfers codes in bulk. The V8 engine provided by google has made Node.js perform well when compared to Python.The features of Node.js in terms of speed are very high, so people looking for good performance can choose this.

    The language used in Node.js can also be called compiled language, and hence the application developed using the node language can perform well. Python uses interpreted languages, and therefore this can make the application slow.

    The performance of Node.js is hence high, and in terms of speed, people can choose Node.js. Developers have failed to add features that enhance speed. So, features of Python do not suit speed, so in terms of speed and performance, Python fails.

  2. ArchitectureNode.js is developed by the event-driven environment, which can produce or enable asynchronous input and output data. No process can be blocked by the threads that are available in the NodeJS language.This process can also be called the respective event occurs process that does not cut the threads responsible for the procedure. So, people can now doubt when to use Node.js? Yes, the question is correct, and people should know the exact details about the app development to use it in the right way.

    When to use Node.js?

    The event-driven architecture and the enhancing speed in terms of performance are perfectly suitable for developing website games and chat applications that need stable network connectivity.

    For example, games operated using an internet connection need a stable connection and proper coding to transfer data quickly. Chat applications also need this technology to deliver messages at the next second after clicking the send button.

    As mentioned earlier, asynchronous codes can be written using Node.js. But in Python, to perform this operation, it is necessary to use another critical application named asyncio. This asyncio is a module that helps Python to write asynchronous codes.

    The other hustle used to write the asynchronous codes in Python is the main drawback of this programming language, and in terms of architecture, Node.js wins.

    When to use Python?
    The applications that can be developed using a framework can use Python for development purposes; some applications developed using frameworks are mentioned below.

    • Django
    • Flash
    • Web2py
    • CherryPy
    • Turbogears

    Are some of the applications that can be developed using a simple framework. When comparing Node.js and Python, Node.JS is the best in architecture.

  3. SyntaxThe syntax can also be called personal preference, and it is entirely dependent on users’ experience. We can never judge the preferences of users. Node.js is similar to javascript, so people will not find any difficulties using the Node.js programming language.When we speak about Python, it is very simple compared to Node.js language. Even a person with a little technical language can understand the codes of Python, so it is very, very simple compared to Node.js. Because simplicity and learning experience is easy in Python, it gets the point here.
  4. Scalability
    In Node.js, people need to create a large monolithic core; in this method, people usually develop microservices and modules that form or communicate with each of the lightweight mechanisms. Because of this process, every system will have its own process code.The development process is also flexible because the process can easily add and remove microservices and modules to simplify the process. Scaling a Node.js app horizontally and vertically is straightforward; people can just add new nodes in the system; you have to add some horizontal scalings. Adding extra resources can bring vertical nodes.Scaling an app needs multithreading, and Python does not have multithreading because it only has a single Node to be connected. Python uses a Global interpreter lock, which is GIL; this does not allow Python to perform multithreading.

    Another main reason is dynamically typed languages will not suit some large projects, and Python uses dynamically typed language as its primary communication method, so eventually, Python is not suitable for some large projects. In contrast, Node.js fits both large and small projects.

  5. Extensibility
    In general, Node.js can be easily customized, combined, or merged with other tools to make it more comfortable for users. This makes Node.js fit for most of the developers in today’s situation.Extensions can be made by using the built-in API to development-end integrations, which can be done by using babel. Frameworks like a meteor, nest, rectify, and others can be extended using Node.js. On the other hand, Python can integrate with a famous tool named Sublime text, adding extra features like editing and syntax extensions.
  6. Libraries
    In Node.js, libraries and packages are managed by the node package manager, one of the biggest repositories. IT is said to be the fastest, easy to learn, and well-documented file format, which can also be used to write the perfect code. Even developers find Python easy to learn, and PIP manages the packages of Python. So, in the case of understanding both, the programming languages win and gain a point.So, we have seen many details and features about both the programming languages so the users can get to know the basics of programming languages by having a look at the above-mentioned points. Now it is time to compare Node and Python. The web developers can also know the tech similarities of Node.js and Python.

Comparison of Node.js and python

Node.js Python
1)Node.js was released in 2009, and it has a runtime js environment 1)It was released in 1991, and the last update was provided in the year 2019; it has a high-level language.
2)The pure JavaScript program will allow users to learn it quickly. 2) Developers need to write a few codes to complete the process.
3)Lacks clean coding standards, so it is not suitable for big projects. 3) Python code can be used to develop large projects, and it is created with the motive of doing large projects.
4)Real-time web applications can be dealt with by Node.js. 4) Not a perfect idea for dealing with problems with real-time web applications.
5)Small projects which need less coding can be done using Node.js. 5) Ideal for projects with big coding’s, and people can use it for big coding purposes.
6)JavaScript is the interpreter. 6) CPython is Interpreter.
7)The process is faster because of the callback options available in Node.js. 7) Auto Generators are used to make the process simple.
8)V8 engine makes Node.js perform well. 8) Slow because of single flow codes.
9)Simple and similar to JavaScript. 9) The code of python is simple to understand and learn.
10) Managed with NPM, so it is very fast and is understandable to everyone. 10) It is also fast and understandable, but PIP manages python.
11)Mobile, desktops, back-end services can be optimized using Node.js 11)Mobile, desktops, backend, and even front ends can be optimized using Python.
12)Real-time chat apps, chatbots,single-page applications, and collaboration apps can be made using Node.js. 12)Face recognition apps, Image processing software that is bigger in size can use Python.


What are the Apps best suited with Python?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence apps, business applications, web scraping applications, CAD applications, audio, video applications, Desktop GUI use Python code language to develop applications.

What are the Apps best suited with Node.js?

Some of the applications that use Node.js are listed below.

  • Uber
  • eBay
  • LinkedIn
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Groupon
  • GoDaddy
  • Yahoo

Node.js Vs. Python: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Node.js easier than Python?
    If you’re familiar with JavaScript, then Node.js will be a simple task for you to learn, but if you’re entirely new to programming, then Python will be easy to understand the concepts.
  2. Which is faster, Node.js or Python?
    Node.js is faster than Python because it has a V8 engine powered by Google.
  3. Can Node.js replace Python?
    Both can never be replaced by one another because both are performing well in some aspects.
  4. Does Node.js work with Python?
    No, because Node.js works with JavaScript, and Python has CPython.
  5. Is Python better than Nodejs?
    Python is used for backend applications, whereas Node.js is used for web developments and web applications. So, both are equally important.
  6. Is Node.js frontend or backend?
    It can be used for both, but it is mainly used for backend applications.
  7. Is Python or JavaScript more useful?
    Node.js is better than Python because it runs in a browser and uses backend server-side language.
  8. Can you use Node.js with Python?
    Yes, there are ways to fuse both languages.
  9. Node.js vs. Python – which is better for the backend?
    Python is better for backend processes.
  10. Python vs. Node.js – which is better for web development?
    Node.js is better for website developments.
  11. Nodejs vs. Python: Which one is more popular?
    As per the recent survey, Python is the most loved and popular programming language.
  12. Nodejs vs. Python: Which is easy to learn?
    Python is much easier to learn when compared to Node.js.
  13. Nodejs vs. Python: Which is most used by developers?
    These programming languages are helpful in different ways; people may have other uses too; developers can use the programming languages accordingly.
  14. Nodejs vs. Python: Which is best for large-scale web applications?
    Both are suitable for large scale, both may lag at some point, but Node.js is faster than Python.

Key Takeaways

Selecting Node.js and Python can be complicated particularly when you want to build a comprehensive product. The functionalities on both sides can be devastating and can impact your judgement. So, the precise approach to deal with this confusion is to focus on the end application and usage of your final software product.


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