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Save Time and Money by Enabling IT Staff to Update Software Better and Faster 

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You need new and updated software deployed throughout your organization constantly. Security updates, replacement of software that has reached end of life, new releases, application migration efforts attached to a Windows Migration—the list of reasons goes on.

Organizations spend way too much time investigating what new software is available and researching how to customize and automate its deployment. Flexera can help dramatically reduce the amount of time spent here. Ultimately, this means better utilization of IT resources:

  1. IT professionals can spend far less time struggling to keep up with software updates
  2. IT professionals can be freed up to spend increased time on more impactful tasks

Flexera provides details about installing and updating thousands of third-party software products. The more applications under management, the more the challenges of dealing with software change compound. The effort to maintain this data is massive. On any given day, there can be hundreds of changes—when software vendors release new versions, viruses/adware/malware are detected, automation tests fail and need to be investigated, etc.

As Flexera has made a considerable investment to maintain such a comprehensive resource, we’ve chosen to ensure we take full advantage of this effort by offering two different ways to consume this valuable data.

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Software Vulnerability Management

The way to beat software vulnerabilities is to stay ahead of them. Addressing windows of risk is critical for reducing the odds of attacks and staying secure.

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Our installer data is leveraged by the Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) Vendor Patch ModuleThis is for organizations who want out-of-the-box patches that are ready to deploy. With such a focus, there’s typically less concern regarding installation customization and, instead, a focus on updating existing applications—often with the intent to mitigate a known software vulnerability with a patch or update to the latest version of the software. The primary objective here is to save the time it takes organizations to create their own third-party software patches. Doing so involves first discovering that a new version is available, downloading it, researching what options are available to facilitate their silent update and finally testing to make sure such functions as expected. With the Vendor Patch Module, all this upfront work spent publishing a software update may be eliminated for many of the applications managed by your organization. Teams responsible for mitigating software vulnerabilities report up to 50% of the time they spend doing so is spent on these tasks, making the Vendor Patch Module an incredible time saver. Click here for more details on the applications covered and to see a quick demonstration of the Vendor Patch Module in action.

Our installer data is also leveraged by the AdminStudio Package Feed Module. This is targeted at organizations that are already working to build custom deployment packages but want to do so faster. They’re not looking for an out-of-the-box setup that’s ready to deploy but rather want help creating a custom deployment package that meets their organization’s needs with increased speed and reliability. AdminStudio facilitates this by providing installer data coupled with configurable templates to quickly wrap a vendor patch in a custom script. This allows for consistency in how software is deployed and how such deployments behave. Sometimes this means installing to a specific location, presenting the user with notifications, options to delay an installation, or warnings around the need to reboot, etc. With the AdminStudio Package Feed Module, organizations save hours per application by facilitating the quick creation of a package for the latest version of a product without having to first find the latest version online and then research and test the command line options available. Click here for more details on the applications covered and a quick demonstration of the Package Feed Module in action.

Want both? Who wouldn’t? The good news is we won’t make you purchase both modules. If you’re on active maintenance for both SVM and AdminStudio (Pro or Enterprise editions), you need only purchase one module. We’ll license you for the other at no additional cost. Contact your customer success manager or sales representative for more details.


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