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The End is Here – RIP Windows 7

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The day has come for Windows 7 to officially hit end-of-life status. What does this mean for you?  Windows 7 will still work but will be more vulnerable to risks and viruses due to lack of software and security updates from Microsoft. Migration to Windows 10 as soon as possible is recommended to avoid any disruption to your business that commonly occurs with outdated software.

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The task of application readiness never ends. There are always new apps and updates. Flexera’s AdminStudio greatly reduces the burden and saves time.

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Any transition to new software requires scope and resources: discovery, cataloging, compatibility testing, remediation, conversion, packaging, new formats, virtualization, etc. It sounds like a lot of work because it is.

Luckily, Flexera has defined an application readiness process that continues beyond a Windows OS migration. There are six key steps to ongoing application readiness you can follow using Flexera’s AdminStudio solution to deliver application services on a regular basis while reducing risk and cost of service transition. To learn more about this approach, click here.


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