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How to Increase Operational Efficiency & Reduce the Cost of Deployment

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Progressive Insurance has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. Known for their excellent service and operational innovation, Progressive has grown to be a leading auto insurer in the United States, serving over 10 million customers. Progressive understands the competitive value of technology to remain agile and move forward, and considers new software often to advance their business.

Progressive uses AdminStudio to capture package installs, create transforms, edit MSIs, and remediate compatibility issues. “AdminStudio provides our application packagers everything they need to deliver quality applications, AdminStudio is more than just a “packaging tool”, it’s a complete solution capable of handling the challenges of managing our 1,700 packaged software titles.” “Additionally, we leverage the virtualization readiness tests in AdminStudio to help identify the best candidates for application virtualization. Upon completion of our Configuration Manager 2012 migration we expect to deploy more App-V packages with more frequency” reports Steve Costell a lead Systems Engineer in the End User Computing group, “Progressive is now more flexible with their resources, can measure each request and track the status of each packaging job. They also store all documentation and team knowledge around the packaging process in a single place that enables Progressive to balance workloads between team members, and allows new resources to pick up the job and know exactly where the packaging job is in the process and what needs to happen next. Once the software package is completed, tested, and approved, the final step in the process is to launch the workflow that notifies the System Administrator that the package is ready for deployment to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Visibility into the major steps in the packaging processes is now enabling Progressive to continually improve their processes.

Greater visibility into the process with a single system of record, to document the progress of application packaging from request to deployment, has enabled Progressive to better manage resources and streamline the hand off of packages to the Microsoft Configuration Manager team for deployment. In addition, they document how packages were created and any special considerations that can be easily reviewed when packaging an update to the initial software. With an estimated 30% reduction in time to package applications, AdminStudio has increased operational efficiency, reduced the cost of deploying applications, and enabled the End User Computing Group to respond quickly to changing business priorities and improve the quality of service they deliver to the business.


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