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Preparing for GDPR – Getting Rid of End of Life Software

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Rapid technology advances have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. But, too many companies still fall down on the security fundamentals, like removing end of life software from their environment.  Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Internet Explorer 9 all have reached their end of life and no longer receive security updates, but many organizations are still using them to support legacy applications.   Continuing to use these products represent a  huge risk to data privacy.

In May 2018 the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into affect and the cost of non-compliance will be far greater than it has ever been.

AdminStudio is used by tens of thousands of companies to proactively manage a changing landscape. Through automating essential business processes, you can plan application migration strategies and smoothly retire end of life software. Handle your application migration strategy with an automated Application Readiness process that assesses compatibility, resolves conflicts and reliably packages and delivers IT certified compatible applications to new platforms.


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