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It’s time to say goodbye to PSI

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PSI is Flexera’s free computer security solution that identifies missing security patches on user’s private PC, and automatically installs them when possible.

Discontinuing PSI hasn’t been an easy decision. Over the past 10 years, it has been a reference for private users looking to keep the applications on their PCs up-to-date and secure. But as any business, we sometimes need to make tough decisions. A consumer product focus does not align with Flexera’s strategy to help businesses that both develop and use software address the challenges of a dysfunctional software supply chain.

In line with our strategy, we remain committed to delivering best-in-class Software Vulnerability Management solutions for businesses.

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Software Vulnerability Management

The way to beat software vulnerabilities is to stay ahead of them. Addressing windows of risk is critical for reducing the odds of attacks and staying secure.

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For users looking to keep their PCs safe, we suggest to use standard best practices:

  • Turn on automatic updating for all software that supports it (e.g. Windows, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, iTunes, Quicktime).
  • Always manually run updates on those applications that don’t update automatically.
  • Remember to restart your computers for changes to take effect.
  • Uninstall software if you no longer use it.

We are thankful for the loyalty and for the support of our user base over these many years.


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