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MSIX Customization Packages: Transforms

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How do I create an MST file for a MSIX package deal? Would that be a MSTX package deal? There have to be some solution to generate remodel recordsdata for MSIX packages! That is the prepare of thought anybody with an MSI background is compelled to gravitate towards, however MSIX adjustments this paradigm significantly.

MSIX Simply Works Otherwise

Home windows Installer Remodel (MST) recordsdata change the conduct of a Home windows Installer (MSI) setup as it’s being utilized to the system. Whereas very comparable in format to an MSI, the MST capabilities as a set of set up directions to have an effect on what actions the MSI setup is to carry out. MSIX Modification Packages are utilized as an overlay of an MSIX package deal, not at set up time, however upon execution of the applying. One massive profit right here is that you just don’t must be taught particular methods to replace data, change or add recordsdata, and so forth. however can simply have a second package deal (known as a Modification Package deal) which could be utilized or eliminated at any time to have an effect on such adjustments to the applying when it’s run by a person.

No Extra Recreating Transforms with Each Replace

MSIX Modification Packages are a lot simpler to work with than remodel recordsdata. With a remodel you needed to create one MST for every MSI package deal you had as a result of there was an specific relationship between them. After making a remodel that makes the adjustments you need, you’d need to then recreate that remodel once more for any new or up to date MSI packages you acquired for that software sooner or later. With MSIX, there may be much less re-work as a result of there isn’t a longer an specific relationship. Now, you’ll be able to replace the primary/underlying MSIX package deal and go away the MSIX Modification package deal in place. So long as any adjustments in a Modification Package deal are relevant to future variations of the applying, you needn’t fear about your customizations as new variations are deployed.

No Extra Reinstalling Purposes to Apply Customizations

Everytime you discovered a necessity to vary an software set up with MSI, you’d need to uninstall the applying and reinstall it once more utilizing a brand new remodel file. With MSIX you’ll be able to take away, modify or apply a brand new MSIX Modification Package deal at any time impartial of the primary MSIX package deal.

The truth is, one may even see MSIX Modification packages in Packages and Options listed underneath App add-ons & downloadable content material (see picture).

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Declaring a MSIX / MSIX Modification Package deal Relationship

If you’re an MSIX manifest file, there are two methods you’ll be able to create this relationship between a MSIX package deal and a MSIX modification package deal…


<TargetDeviceFamily Identify="Home windows.Desktop" MinVersion="10.0.15063.0"/>

<uap4:MainPackageDependency Identify="Important.App"/>


Or if the certificates or writer isn’t the identical because the underlying (foremost) MSIX package deal…


<TargetDeviceFamily Identify="Home windows.Desktop" MinVersion="10.0.15063.0"/>

<uap4:MainPackageDependency Identify="Important.App" Writer="CN=Contoso, C=US" />



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